Being Light – Conversations with BK Shivani

Being Light is a series of conversations between Bala Kishore, Vice President – Better Living, Searce Technologies and Sister BK Shivani. The series explores various aspects of a Professional’s life in the new light of Solution-Centeredness instead of Problem-Centeredness. From handling daily traffic on road to creating and nurturing high performance teams to principles of self care, this series provides practical insights, based on spirituality, to become more effective, more efficient and more contended in our life. Being Light indeed has the power to transform you inside-out so that you truly become Light. This is one journey where you are sure to lose your baggage and become light. Let the journey begin…

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  1. krishna kishore

    great and thank you

  2. Priyanka

    Wow..two amazing people in conversation with each other…Really inspiring

  3. Ruchi Mathur

    Really wonderful. Bala bhaji, please may I have your email ID

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