Vice President - Better Living, Searce Technologies

Digital Wellness Coach

(designer of India's first Digital Wellness course for Undergraduates)

Bala considers himself as a student of life having varied interests and an insatiable appetite to learn, share and grow

Educational Qualifications

  • Professional Certified Coach (PCC) as accredited by International Coach Federation (ICF), 2013
  • Certificate in Business Administration (C.B.A.) from Manchester Business School, UK, 2002
  • M.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering from NIT Warangal, 1995
  • B.E in Electronics & Communications Engg, Osmania Univ., Hyderabad 1993
  • Master’s Certificate Program in Vedic Sciences from MAEER’s Institute for Indic Knowledge Studies,Pune 2019


  • British Chevening Scholarship, was one of the 12 IT Professionals, chosen from all over India for ‘Advanced Management Program for Young Indian IT Managers’ in 2001, by the British Government as a part of their Chevening Scholarship program
  • Awarded JRF (Junior Research Fellowship) by CSIR (Council for Scientific and Industrial Research), India in 1993
  • Batch Topper in Engineering (B.E)

Personal Details

  • Founder & Lead Facilitator of SPIR-IT Summit Conference ( & Spirituality in IT Retreats (
  • Practicing Raja Yoga Meditation since 1993
  • Member of Youth, SpARC (Spiritual Applications and Research Center), IT Wings of Brahma Kumaris
  • Coordinator of BrahmaKumaris India IT team
  • Was Founding member of MMTS Travelers group in Hyderabad. This group works with Railway Authorities and State Govt. of Telangana in improving the local train infra-structure in Hyderabad. We have achieved some major improvements as a result of initiatives taken up by our team.
  • Was Board Member of Right To Walk Foundation, an organization that works for Pedestrian Rights in the city of Hyderabad.
  • Has been giving lectures on various topics related to Mind, Medicine, Motivation, Management (Leadership) & Meditation, including Improvement of Soft-Skills for more than 15 years

Journey so far...

       In his accomplished career spanning more than two decades, Bala has always been a champion of good team development as the cornerstone of effective management. After doing systems programming for 2.5 years at CDAC and SASKEN in Bangalore, Bala moved to Hyderabad in 1997 to join DeShaw India for developing large scale internet applications. He was Employee No. 1 at Juno, which was carved out of DeShaw and which later became United Online Inc (UOL). His exemplary Interpersonal skills in helping teams develop enduring and highly productive relationships with each other helped UOL establish six off-shore teams for six different companies of UOL (US). His keen insights have also helped revolutionize the Dev-QA interactions, drastically increasing their combined productivity.

Bala was instrumental in building the team that developed one of the world’s first multi-threaded, Enterprise Mail Transfer Agents (MTA) at UOL-India. Later, Bala built their QA team. His commitment saw the team grow from 5 to 75 in a span of 10 years, increasing its contribution from 2% to 80%. This 75-member team was divided in to 21 sub-teams catering to the QA needs of 6 constituent businesses of the parent organization.

At UOL, Bala was also responsible for all the technology teams (Dev, QA & Operations) working for the Classmates & MyPoints businesses of UOL. His openness to challenges and his versatility in handling people from various backgrounds have led him to successfully build, sustain and grow teams in Software Development, QA, Design, CRM & Operations during his 19-year long stint at UOL.

Bala moved to CDK-Global’s India office to head their International Software Development team at Hyderabad in May 2016. In Jan 2018, Bala moved to SEARCE Software, a Cloud and Analytics based Business Transformation Company, as Vice President – Better Living. In his current role, Bala is exploring ways and means of incorporating Reflective Practices at SEARCE to increase efficiency and effectiveness of the employees.

In 2002, Bala won the prestigious British Chevening Scholarhip. He was one among the 12 Young Managers chosen from all over India for British Government’s “Advanced Management Program for Young Indian IT Managers”. Bala completed his Certificate in Business Administration (CBA) as a part of this program.
In 2013, as a part of his transition to become a Coach, Bala completed PCC (Professional Certified Coach) certification from International Coach Federation (ICF).

Bala is an avid meditator and has been practising Raja Yoga Meditation for the past 25 years. His desire to share its Principles of Applied Spirituality with the IT community-at-large led him to co-found the SPIR-IT Summit Wellness Conference, several Spirituality in IT Retreats, and to give talks and conduct meditation retreats for students, professionals, doctors, teachers, and senior executives in 15 countries.
In summary, Bala considers himself as a student of life having varied interests and an insatiable appetite to learn, share and grow.